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Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Warwickshire Surface Care provide a driveway cleaning and sealing service that restores the surface and leaves it with long lasting protection. Over time traffic and general weathering can leave driveways, patios and paths looking dirty and worn, causing an increase in the amount of fungal growth that appears.

Cleaning the surface is a cost effective solution to removing the build up of algae, dirt, weed growth and staining. The cleaning process begins Using high performance pressure washing equipment we are able to fully clean most external surfaces and leave them looking good as new, however to fully protect your driveway we recommend a protective sealant is applied.

Sealing is a great long term solution to protecting your driveway or patio as it not only restores the original appearance of the surface, but also gives the surface a protective layer that makes it more resistant to the regrowth of weeds, moss and algae.

Benefits of the sealant include: 

 Surface is easier to maintain
 Tough, Durable and Hard Wearing
 Increased resistance to dirt & oil stains
 Increased resistance to moss, algae and weeds returning 
 Ultra-violet light and weather resistant 

The cleaning process is relatively simple and starts of with a pre-treatment to eradicate any fungal growth that is present, after the product has had a week to soak in  the surface will be pressure washed to remove an surface dirt. Once enough clear dry days have passed the driveway will then be sealed.  

To book your free survey or for more information on our driveway and patio cleaning service please call us on 0800 988 0348 or complete our online enquiry form.