Imprinted Concrete Sealing imageImprinted Concrete Sealing image

Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Throughout Warwickshire imprinted concrete is growing in popularity with homeowners as a highly durable surface that is easier to maintain than the widely used block paving. When imprinted concrete is first laid a protection sealer is applied to the surface, giving it a durable protective coating. 

Benefits of the sealer include:

•  Highly resistant to oil and stain penetration
 Inhibits the growth of moss, weeds and algae
 Will not blister or peel
 Gives the surface a hard wearing coating

Whilst it is a highly durable surface many homeowners are not aware that to keep the high quality appearance of the concrete it needs to be resealed every 3-5 years. If left too long the imprinted concretes protective coating will begin the deteriorate, making it harder to maintain and more susceptible to moss, algae and weeds. 

To counteract this problem Warwickshire Surface Care provides a professional re-sealing and re-colouring service that restores the protective coating, restores the original colour and increases the lifespan of the imprinted concrete. We can also carry out any repairs, general refurbishment and remove oil stains.

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